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Obama - wake the fuck up!
  by Cameron Salisbury at Smirking Chimp


You came out of the meeting with Republican leaders and stood in front of cameras saying that
you were optimistic about compromise to improve serious domestic problems.

They came out of the meeting saying that their base liked gridlock and they intended to maintain it.
Were you at the same meeting?

How much clearer can those troglodytes be? What in your background has made conciliation
and suck up-ness your most important priorities?

When they say they don’t intend to cooperate with you, they insist on tax cuts for the wealthy,
they believe that institutionalized gridlock is the way to accomplish their main goal which is to
get rid of you, you need to join the rest of us in the real world and get your head out of the
Land of Oz, or wherever it is.

You will not have another chance if you continue to screw up this one. And only your dedicated,
appointed, staff believes you haven’t screwed up – so quit talking to them and start listening to us.

You might also disband your insistence on harmony long enough to admit that it doesn’t exist,
you can’t create it out of thin air, and no one on the other side wants it.

It was you who lost control of the House, and it was not because of Republican intransigence.
It was because you refused to meet them head on. Other presidents, FDR, Harry Truman, had stiff
opposition but they used their bully pulpit to disable it. Try to channel them long enough to look presidential.

Where are those principles we thought you had two years ago?
Where is your willingness to call injustice by its name and challenge it?

Your base is likely to throw up its hands and walk away in 2012.

Obama is screwing up so much and so fast - can he last until 2012?

Why does he refuse to fight?  Why does he keep telling us Bitch & Boner
are nice guys and genuine patriots who want what's best for America?

Why can't our president see what everyone else sees?

Why does Obama see "surrender" as good politics?


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