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Obama wants longer school years
What's wrong with him? He should be talking JOBS!


Barely into the new school year, Obama issued a tough-love message to students and teachers on Monday:
Their year in the classroom should be longer, and poorly performing teachers should get out.

American students are falling behind their foreign counterparts, especially in math and science, and that's
got to change, Obama said. Seeking to revive a sense of urgency that education reform may have lost amid
the recession's focus on the economy, Obama declared that the future of the country is at stake.

"Whether jobs are created here, high-end jobs that support families and support the future of the American people,
is going to depend on whether or not we can do something about these schools," the president said on the "Today" show.

Is he TRYING to lose 100 seats in the House?

Yes, our school system is fucked but NOBODY CARES right now.
To this day, Obama has no idea that he and his party are in severe and massive trouble.
If he did, wouldn't he be talking jobs, jobs, jobs?


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