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Obama’s Katrina? No comparison


"The NY Whore Times today runs - and, perhaps more significantly, Politico's Playbook email blast cites
- a classic case of pointless navel-gazing the press too often engages in, at the expense of actual reporting. 
The whole structure of the piece is typical: You start with a link-baiting headline, "Shadow of Katrina 
Hangs Over Obama After Spill."

Then you go on to demonstrate how responsible you are by saying, in the 13th of 15 paragraphs, 
that there is a "key difference" between the spill and Katrina.

In between you dig up an academic - in this case, a self-promoting professor at a fourth-rate university
- to say something that sounds detached and intellectual, but in fact is a total case of log-rolling, with the 
log having been replaced by a piece of bullshit in the shape of a log. 

I wonder how many calls Helene Cooper had to make to get someone to say something to support her 
obviously pre-determined thesis, that the spill is somehow comparable to the Great Flood of New Orleans?

The Times has therefore, in an attempt to demonstrate its lack of liberal bias, launched a meme in the 
political discourse, justifying pundits' forthcoming "balanced" debates on cable about an issue that doesn’t exist.

The New York Times is a whore paper?
The Old Grey Lady is a whore past her prime that nobody wants?

Who knew?

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