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Obama's Missing Moral Narrative 


Crises are opportunities. He has consistently missed them. This was a grand opportunity to pull together
the threads - BP and the spill, Massey and the mine disaster, Wall Street and the economic disaster,
Anthem BlueCross and health care, the Arizona Immigration Law, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell - even Afghanistan.
The press threw him fastballs straight down the middle, and he hit dribblers every time.

It's not that he said nothing to tie them together. But there was no home run, no unifying narrative,
no patriotic call to the nation on the full gamut of issues. Instead, there were only hints, suggestions,
possible implications, notes of concern - as if he had been intimidated by the right-wing message machine.

And yet, Obama of all political leaders, could have done it, because he did before in his 2008 campaign.

I wish people would stop talking about 2008 being a victory for Obama.
That fight was fixed - how could it be his finest hour?

The Republicans were rooting for him (FOX called him "another JFK")
the press was playing up his good qualities and ignoring his flaws
and half the Democrats were screaming "that fucking whore" at Hillary.

Oh, and don't forget Kos's crooked polls that CNN kept quoting.

Obama has yet to be in a big fight.

We've never seen him throw a punch and he has a tendency
to surrender when the opportunity to do so presents itself.

And what was that as if bullshit?

Are you saying some people think he might be cowed by FOX News and Glenn beck?

Where is the evidence for that? 
I mean, besides everywhere you look?

Think how different America might be today if we had a
Democrat in the White House and Democrats running congress.

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