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Obama's new pal - Tom Coburn
Anyone have a bucket I can throw up in?


Tom Coburn, the Oklahoma Throwback Republican whose conservative stances have sometimes
confounded even his GOP colleagues, long has been one of Obama's few personal friends in Congress.
Now, he is emerging in a more public light as one of Obama's favorite Republicans - and a potential
bridge between the political parties. That's particularly true as political circumstances force Obama
to reach out more to the GOP and as Mr. Coburn's longtime focus - controlling federal spending
 - takes center stage in the public debate.

Obama wasn't forced into bed with Coburn - he likes it there.
The pair regularly communicate -- by phone, in handwritten notes and in person at the White House
 -- and lately their conversations have included strategies for how Democrats and Republicans can
work together on cutting the federal budget, according to aides to both men. They say both men
see potential for a political alliance.

The unlikely friendship between Coburn, an obstetrician from Muskogee, Okla., and Obama was
hatched in 2004, after both were elected to the Senate. Seated together at dinner during freshman
orientation, their wives hit it off, and soon the senators did, too.

Well, isn't that special?

What good does it do Obama - or us - that his buddy Tom will do everything he can
to block everything this president was elected by the voters to do?



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