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Obama’s success rests in the truth
  by Scot Lehigh


There's no shortage of political advice for Obama as the elections approach.
Go left, think big, and sharpen policy differences. Slide center-ward, think small,
and make like Bill Clinton. Play the populist card. Reach out. Lash out.
And so on and so forth, each according to the commentator’s own political inclination.
But here's an even simpler way for the president to regain his footing in this season of voter discontent.
Explain yourself. Regularly. Repeatedly. Clearly. And forcefully.
A  year is an epoch in American politics, two an eon, so it’s easy to forget that Obama
took office among some of the most challenging circumstances in modern memory.
He inherited two wars, one of necessity, one of choice; a teetering financial system;
an economy sliding deeper and deeper into recession; and a flood of red ink.

A year and three quarters later, Obama can point to some important progress.
Although Afghanistan drags along with uncertain prospects, our military role in Iraq
is on the wane, our combat mission over in theory, if apparently not in fact.


"Explain yourself. Regularly. Repeatedly. Clearly. And forcefully."

That's sounds a lot like, "Why don't you just list the damn facts?"

Sometimes the news reads like a month-old issue of


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