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Ohio Rethug has Nazi Fetish
He likes to dress up in Nazi regalia

"Rich Iott - second from right -Seig Heil!"


After the Apple Festival parade broke up Saturday, Republican Rich Iott downplayed photographs
of him dressed in a Nazi uniform with the insignia of a deadly Waffen SS unit.

The congressional candidate said the photographs were from one of the many historical re-enactments
of battles he and his son took part in for years.    Good idea - blame your son.

"It's looking at it strictly from a historical or military point of view," he said. "There's a bunch of guys
that do Roman legion re-enactments; they don't endorse feeding Christians to lions. … Anybody who's
involved in re-enacting, no matter what uniform you are wearing or time period you're representing,
you're not endorsing the ideologies of that time."

But some local politicians, veterans, and Jewish leaders don't see it that way.
The photos and their fallout are becoming the latest examples of how in this season's particularly
gritty campaigns, no one is forgiving anything controversial, particularly anything Nazi-themed.


But isn't the Republican Party "Nazi-themed?"

Remember, Prescott Bush paid a fine for helping Hitler get financing for World War II.

Kinda amazing that his son and grandson became president,
mostly because the Democrats refused to list the facts you just read.


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