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Oil could foul Gulf Coast
Obama - bad time to OK off-shore drilling



Coast Guard crews raced to protect the Gulf of Mexico coastline Monday as a remote sub tried to shut off 
an underwater oil well that's gushing 42,000 gallons a day from the site of a wrecked drilling platform.

If crews cannot stop the leak quickly, they might need to redirect the oil, a laborious process 
that could take weeks while oil washes up along a broad stretch of shore, from the white-sand 
beaches of Florida's Panhandle to the swamps of Louisiana.

As of Monday afternoon, an area 48 miles long and 39 miles wide was covered 
by oil that leaked from the site of the rig,

Did I imagine it?   I think I remember hearing Obama say last month, when he 
green-lit off-shore drilling, that "new technologies" were making oil spills "less likely."


"Less likely" than what?
The massive oil spills of the late eighties?

Can we get a progress report on Obama's promise to embrace renewable energies?

I don't think nu-ku-ler power and off-shore drilling point to "embracing" the future.

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