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Oil hits LA Coast, may reach FL
 If only the Dems would take advantage...
  by Gregory Patin


"It's as though a diesel truck is parked in the front yard," a resident of Bay Saint Louis in Mississippi, John Gerger, 
told the BBC as the smell of oil was becoming stronger along the Gulf Coast.

For those residing on the Louisiana coast today, the acrid smell of light sweet crude oil is probably stronger. 
It may not be long before residents along the pristine beaches of the Florida panhandle get a whiff of that odor. 
The edge of the over 600-mile in diameter oil slick began washing ashore along the coast of Louisiana on Thursday 
evening, 24 hours ahead of previous estimates by the Coast Guard.

What was that you said in your State of the Union rebuttal in 2009, Gov. Jindal? Something about increasing offshore drilling, 
reducing government spending, keeping Washington out of your state's affairs, and relying on private industries instead of government to create jobs?

Be careful what you wish for. Private industry may have just created a lot of jobs for soon-to-be out of work fishermen 
in your state cleaning up the mess on the Louisiana coast. Hopefully some "socialist" government agency will finance that,
because the private company responsible for this catastrophe is already asking for government assistance. Isn't that also 
called "welfare" by conservatives?

We still don't know how bad this is going to be, but on top of everything else,
can you imagine what it's like to live with the smell of that ugly oil 24/7?

Here in Tulsa we have oil refineries and in parts of West Tulsa it stinks.
Driving thru it, you know when that stench hits you that all you have to do is wait a minute or two and it's gone - 
like driving past the stockyards - but what if the stench stretches from Nawlins to Pensacola?

Way to go, greedy oil bastards.
You wanted to save some money even tho you're making billions of dollars in profit.
This just proves greedy oil bastards can't be trusted.

...and why does God hate Louisiana so much?

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