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Oily Birther to be Dis-barred?

  Link   (Includes video of Birther busting open)

The Birther-Queen may be losing a lot more than her marbles.

She might be losing her license to practice law.
On February 26, Orly Taitz is scheduled to appear before the California State Bar.

Orly Taitz, an online law-school graduate, is the heavily festooned woman behind the
movement to dethrone Obama, claiming he was not born in the United States. Taitz was
reprimanded by a Georgia judge during a lawsuit to prevent her client from being deployed
in the military, justifying that Obama was not a valid Commander-in-Chief. In his 43-page
ruling, Judge Clay Land cited and fined Orly Taitz for misconduct under Rule 11 of the
Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

Essentially, as Judge Land's complaint states, Rule 11 "prohibits an attorney from using the
courts for a purpose unrelated to the resolution of a legitimate legal cause of action."

Indeed, Orly Taitz has been cited for the filing of frivolous law suits which have the
sole purpose of raising the Birther platform.

In addition to her numerous frivolous complaints over the years, Taitz has a motion filed in
Washington D.C. District Court to compel President Obama to hand over his birth documents
by February 26, because Taitz needs them for her defense before the California State Bar.

Among her other beliefs, she claims that President Obama is gay, that Google is
against her and that Hugo Chavez is rigging the U.S. elections.


How does somebody this crazy get a license to practice law in California?

She got her law degree online? 
That counts?

Maybe I'll do that - Bartcop, Barister!


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