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Open all the Borders
  by Eric Golo

Personally, I'm a fan of legallizing all entry to the US. The reason  
illegals are illegals is because they are desperate to try to make a  
better life for themselves and their families. That's fine, as long as  
they are willing to give something back to the country that is  
harboring them. (This strikes me as a very capitalistic idea, so I  
don't see why the GOP hasn't embraced it. Oh yeah, I forgot, the  
majority of illegals are Hispanic.) oh, and this may sound  
suspiciously like the worker visa idea that got nixed a few years  
back. That's largely because it is similar.

The bare bones of the idea are this:

Everyone who wants to come to this country to work can walk into any  
ICE office (setting them up in major airports, ports, and borders has  
to be cheaper than border patrol) and register as an alien worker.  
Such workers are required to check in with ICE once every six months  
and pay certain income taxes, including Medicare/Medicaid (to more  
than pay for he program). If they can't prove that they already have  
health insurance that will work in he US, they will be allowed a  
limited use of Medicaid until they can get something better.

Oh, and any employer caught employing undocumented persons for any job  
will serve a mandatory 6 month prison sentence per count and be fined  
a minimum of $10K per count. No exceptions. This should provide  
deterrent and pay for enforcement.

Finally, anyone can take advantage of the Illegal Aliens Act, just  
like my late grandfather did. He was Russian born, but grew up in  
Cuba. At 17, he came here illegally searching for opportunity. He fell  
in love with this country and joined the army for WWII. He was shot  
twice by the Japanese in the Aleutian islands and, after his tour of  
duty was completed, he gained his citizenship.

Anyway, I'm sure there are some holes in my idea, as I am writing this  
under the influence of some serious new baby-induced sleep deprivation. 
Still, I think it should be seriously considered and discussed. I think everyone 
who wants to work here should have a  chance to, but they should give back 
to the system, too. Most illegals are illegal because they would be refused 
visas due to quotas. This eliminates that issue while also discouraging free rides.
 Eric from Boston     Sent from iPhone

Damn, you typed all that on an iPhone?

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