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Osama and Building 7

Hi Bart;

Why do you believe Osama masterminded 9-11, because the govenrment told you so?
How come the FBI never charged him?

The first question is too stupid to answer.
I could see you asking a stranger that, but asking me is crazy.

How could I possibly know the FBI's intentions?

You and I are on the same side, but I believe those who are obsessed with Building 7
see anyone who doesn't agree with them as a turncoat. 

Since I am your friend, I will try to help you thru this maze.

I believe Osama did 9-11 because it's universally accepted.
Clinton said he did it, so did Obama. So did Richard Clarke, who I trust.

Do you think looking-forward, meek-and-mild Obama would put a hit out
on someone when he wasn't sure if they were guilty?


Have you ever taken the time to really understand the collapse of Tower 7?

No, and if YOU don't have a degree in architecture and engineering, neither have you.

You have to frame your arguments perfectly or you're going to be seen as a loon.
All we know for sure about 9-11 is that the Bush bastards don't want the truth out.

You need to find rich and famous architects to back up whatever theories you've formulated.
Sending someone a page of links is not proof.

How about Silverstein's slip that they had it 'pulled'.

Don't know who Silverstein is.
As I suspected, you're so far into these woods you can't see the other people.
You need to change your confrontational tone, especially dealing with people on your side.

I read ahead - you're about to ask a lot of questions that prove my point.

Do you know how long it takes to set up a controlled demolition to 'pull' a building (weeks).
Or have you read or researched the over 1,000+ architects and engineers who say it was (Tower 7)
a definite controlled demolition?

Funny you didn't send the link for that.
I would consider that a great place to begin a conversation.

Why did it fall in its footprint at 5:30PM and was un-hit by a plane and only had small fires?

So you know how many other steel framed buildings have collpased from fire in world history?
3 to be exact, Towers 1, 2 and un-hit 7. Do you really believe the government story of Bush Co?
Tower 7 is the lynchpin to destroy the official version of events.
Have you taken the time to really look into that one telling circumstance?

No, and I don't think you have, either.
You're almost BARKING these questions at me.
No telling how non-believers would react to your fighting style.

You remind me of Wilfred Brimley in The China Syndrome.
When he finally had a live TV camera on him, all he could say was "There was ...a vibration."

Are you really supporting the Bushie government and Bushie corporate media meme
that 'truthers' are nuts and forever delegating them to the fringe?

You already know the answer to that.
Why would you ask me such a ridiculous question?
Where is your sense of proportion?

You feel very, very strongly that everyone in government and the press and all bloggers are in
on the same conspiracy.  To make that charge worth anything, you have to have PROOF you can
put in my hand.  If you had anything besides wild speculation, wouldn't you have led with that?

Do you really think the Bushies and Company Masters care about 3,000 American citizens
when it came to saving a tanking presidency and putting every evil thing the neo-cons and
corporate oil masters wanted to do into motion?

That I can answer - no.
It's my opinion that they'd kill for money - that's why they stole power - but that's not proof.

What caused the subversion of our rights, privacy, and allowed the Oligharchy to take over?
Where would Bush/Cheney and company been without it?

Good point, but it's light years from proof.
To what end do you make these accusations?
Do you think you'll wear the Bush Bastards down and they'll confess?

What exactly is a never ending war on terror in your opinion? 

Dude, if we were in a bar and I had six hours to kill, I might be up for this,
but life's too short to get into "Why is there air?" with a subject that lacks proof.

Don't you think Bush and Cheney are capable of being terrorist and murderous heartless bastards?
Ten times worse than Osama. Why did they put off the investigation off for 18 months and then
testify together and not under oath? What possible reason could there be for that?
Why was Cheney at the helm of NORAD that morning?

Why would you ask an out-of-the-loop Okie those questions?
You seem to think if you stack the questions tall enough, proof will occur.

Do you really find it plausible that Mohammed Atta's passport was found on the streets of NY?
Do you think Sibel Edmonds is a fool? Is Max Cleland, who resigned from the 911 commission, a fool?
Or Lee Hamilton who says the commission was a joke.

The 9-11 commission was a joke - because Whitewash Lee Hamilton was asked to co-chair it
by the Crime Family that assured him there was nothing to Iran-Contra.

Or is Al Franken an idiot, too, for supporting an ongoing NEW 911 commission.

I trust Al Franken - a legit commission would be a great thing,
but we are not making progress, you and I.

How long have you been at this - since 2001?
I think you're stuck on the unsolvable the way people get stuck on Israel.

Can there really be that many idiots out there or should we just swallow My Pet Goats (Bush Co) story?

That's an example of how we're not making any progress.

Even a member of the 911 commission Bob Kerry says it was as inside job that was a conspiracy
30 years in the making. Do you want me to send you the links?

I trust Bob Kerry and Lee Hamilton equally.

Kerrey : This is a longer conversation , I'm not sure we will ever get to the bottom of it.

LA CHANGE : We have to or I don't think we can save our country sir.

Kerrey : I don't think, Well if that's the condition upon which we'll be saving our country,
              because , the problem is it's a 30 year old conspiracy.

LA CHANGE : No, I'm talking about 911.

Kerrey : That's what I'm talking about

I sure would like answers instead of just being classified as the the insane 1/4 of your readers
that may think there is truth to Osama's denial. Do you think you could answer these questions?
Please. I dare you.

Best as always;
 Crede, a donator and loyal Bart-Cop friend I think.

Dude, you have to know I wish you were right.
I'd love to see those Bush bastards on trial, but the proof is not there.

To make this fly, you need to get the presidents of The American Institute of Architects and
The Society of American Registered Architects to stand up and say, "Something's wrong here."

If you can't get any powerful architects to back you up, there's probably a reason.

Have you talked to the architect of Building 7?
If he's dead, his office probably has an opinion.

I think you need to realize that this iron-clad proof you see - is seen by very few others.


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