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Our own guys are selling us out


Aren’t we “radical lefties” just a little pissed off at the current waft of Op Ed pieces 
(and comments) telling us all the tried and true reasons we should “stay the course” with Obama? .

We’re repeatedly told that the shit sandwichs they slap in our faces, is the best sandwich we can get?

“Just wait! Give it time. We’ll show you something soon. Just before the next election”.

How long did they think we could sustain our engagement, activism and donations for
democratic ideals, when it’s OUR OWN GUYS selling us out?

Lefties are shocked at the continuing of and adding to the exact things we opposed under Bush.
And jeezalou, it’s OUR OWN GUYS!  Yeah, we knew, but it was all we had to vote for and we so wanted to believe…

It’s not just lazy exhaustion. It’s honest unvarnished apathy. I’ve never been apathetic about politics in my life (and I‘m OLD).

So, get out your DLC tazers, we progressives are naughty, naughty, bad Democrats.
What  “stay the course” Dems call political pragmatism we call it like we see it. Status Quo Corporatism.

So any of you “Stay the Course” folks got a plan?

More “lesser evil” voting perhaps? Run Progressive candidates for public office?

Do you think Obama will throw the Left a bone between now and election day?

I was to candidate Obama's Right in 2008.
Now I'm waaaaaaaaaaaay to President Obama's Left.

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