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NY Teabagger Paladino and the Mosque


Carl Paladino, the tea party-backed underdog victor in New York's Republican gubernatorial primary, appeared on
CNN and spent most of the time explaining his opposition to the proposed Cordoba House Muslim community center
near Ground Zero. Host Rick Sanchez grilled Paladino on the legal grounds for his pledge to, if elected, use eminent domain
to stop the project. And Paladino ended up defining the area in which he would prohibit projects like Cordoba House.
Anywhere where the pulverized remains of 9/11 victims settled, he said, should be off limits to projects like Cordoba House...

After a commercial break, Sanchez asked him to specify just what he meant about the dust cloud.
"That was a vast dust cloud -- it stretched all the way to Weehaken, to parts of Hoboken,
miles from where this thing happened." Sanchez said.

"Well I don't think it went out that far. It went out about a quarter of a mile, I think," Paladino said, before adding.
'Well, I don't know the exact distance, I don't mean to make out that I know the exact distance. But wherever it went,
wherever that dust is caught in the crevices of buildings or in the crevices of sidewalks, that's human remains,
and it should be treated that way. 

You want to talk about crazy?   I watched this, and this handjob said,
"In my opinion, the free exercise of religion is NOT a First Amendment issue."

You don't get to say that, Asshole.

That's like saying, "In my opinion, Toyota doesn't make a Prius."
You don't get to believe in horseshit under the umbrella of "my opinion."

Oh well, in my opinion, Andrew Cuomo is going to kick his Teabagger ass.

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