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Palin To Headline Gun Convention
See? She's got nothing to do with gun extremists


The Republican's relentless Publicity Whore recently announced plans to deliver
a keynote speech later this month at a marquee gun rights event in Reno, Nevada.

Palin is set to speak at a Safari Club International convention on January 29,
a gathering put on by a group that calls itself "the leader in protecting the freedom
to hunt and promoting wildlife conservation worldwide."

Politico reports that Palin will address a sold-out crowd of 20,000 attendees from
around the world with a speech based on "her past hunting experiences and how politics
affect the current state of hunting and fishing," according to a Safari Club website.

Wait, I think I just figured something out.
Gun nuts can't hold a convention without that nutty-ass Publicity Whore
any more than MTV could host a "Tribute to Snooki" without Paris Hilton.

For the last five years, if Paris Hilton wasn't at your TV taping, it wasn't a "real" event.
Just try to open a nightclub in Vegas without Paris being there - it'll bomb for sure.

In that same vein, you can't have a convention of stressed-out racist handjobs without Palin.
She drags in the insane kooks and their guns like nobody else in the GOP.

But I wonder...

Is there going to be a metal detector at this "celebration" of gun rights?

Why is it, every four years when the Rethugs hold their NaziCon to nominate
a white man to run for the White House, they ALWAYS have metal detectors
at the door so nobody can sneak in a gun - I wonder why that is?

Why celebrate guns by banning them from the celebration?

And how thoughtful of Sarah to accept this invitation just nine days
after denying she had anything to do with the massacre in Tucson.

Sarah is so sensitive to the victims of gun violence.



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