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Palin: I'm not tough enough to be president  


Several participants -- including two Mother Jones reporters who worked for me at the time -- pondered why McCain
picked Palin and what would be an effective critique of her. That liberal reporters would privately discuss how best to
criticize a conservative politician whose policies they oppose does not strike me as shocking. In fact, I am certain that
during the 2008 campaign journalists at conservative media outfits talked among themselves about how best to puncture Obama.
But Palin was offended. In responding to The Daily Caller piece, though, she conceded a major point about herself:
She does not posses a hardy enough constitution to be president. In that interview, The Daily Caller reports, Palin said
the media became a key reason she decided not to finish out her term as governor.
Consider that for a moment. Eight months after the grueling 2008 campaign was over, Palin, by her own admission,
was not tough enough to handle the media and had to quit her job as Alaska governor. After confessing that, how can
she possibly present herself as presidential timber? If she allowed herself to be hounded out of office in Juneau by the
big bad press, could she withstand the slings and arrows of the media while under pressure in the White House?

The only reason Palin would even consider a run at the White House is because in today's political climate,
the crazier you are, the more racist you are, the more likely the teabaggers will vote for you in a primary.

And after our idiot voters almost picked Bush twice, it proves anything can happen.

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