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Palin the Media Candidate 


It’s worth remembering that throughout most of 2007, the media chatter about the GOP field regularly
included Rudy Giuliani as one of the top three contenders, and some of the sillier people at the time
were already polling Giuliani and Clinton against each other.

Perhaps the dream of an all-New York general election was too tempting for some people to pass up.
Giuliani’s credibility as a candidate was almost entirely a creation of media outlets interested in promoting
a hawkish social liberal Republican in a way similar to the conservative media’s love affair with Kissyface,
and it was encouraged by those national security conservatives for whom Giuliani was and is an icon.

When it came to winning support from caucus-goers and voters, Giuliani had almost none.
He bet everything on a strong showing in Florida among transplanted New Yorkers and lost big.

You will immediately object that Giuliani and Palin are completely different, and in most respects
that’s true. Regardless, in one of the most important respects they are very much alike: pundits and
journalists took Giuliani seriously as a candidate for the Republican nomination when there was
absolutely no reason to do so, and now more than a few of them are doing the same thing with Palin.

If Giuliani’s candidacy wasn’t viable because of his social liberalism and his, er, colorful personal life,
Palin’s won't be viable because she will be seen as unprepared, out of her depth and inexperienced,
which are all of the things that Republicans have said about Obama for years and will want to use
to attack him again in 2012.

Or, they could say, "Vote for Sarah - she's at least as qualified as The Kenyan."
Our lying whore media does its best to fabricate front-runners who make them the most money.

<>Of course, to build one candidate up, they may have to tear down a more-qualified candidate,
which they are more than willing to do because competence doesn't sell newspapers or TV ads.

They will continue to push Palin as a viable candidate, even if her presidency would harm America.

It's what lying whores do.

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