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Palin's Nasty Stench
I smell it - do you?


In the old days, she wore a brand New Jersey. But times have changed, and today she may have swapped
that pristine woollen garment for a straitjacket. With the mid-term elections for Congress due in November,
many voters in the primary for Republican senatorial candidate have plumped for somebody even they,
Tea Party chimps though they are, know cannot conceivably win.
Nurturer-in-chief of this suicidal instinct, inevitably, is Sarah Palin, the Jimmy Jones of the Grand Old Party.
Buoyed by a spectacularly destructive Vanity Fair portrait quoting her weeping over her own inadequacy to
cope with the demands of governing Alaska, Palin flirts ever more openly with running for the far less
challenging position of president. Those who snort derisively at her chances of winning the GOP nomination
in any field containing better informed and more articulate rivals than might be found in a Petri dish may find
in Delaware a compelling vignette.
That primary was held yesterday, and the result is unknown at the time of writing. Yet even if the Republican
establishment candidate, a moderate Congressman called Mike Castle, defeated his Palin-endorsed, Tea Party
Express opponent Christine O'Donnell, the fact that the outcome was in doubt to the last alone tells its tale.
In opinion polls matching them against Democratic candidate Chris Coons, Mr Castle wins by a mile and
Ms O'Donnell loses by further still. No wonder the Democrats have been "salivating" at the notion of facing
the latter, and the Republican establishment quaking at the prospect of her victory obliterating the party in a
state not given to the fear-stoking nastery that makes the Tea Party a tribute act to the late Joe McCarthy.

Foe years we've been saying, "The GOP has moved so far right, they wouldn't let Reagan in."
Now that's changed to,
"The GOP has moved so far right, they wouldn't let Der Monkey in."

You'd think there are enough sane Republicans to make this go away...but...

Today I read that ALMOST HALF of the voters want the super-rich to have more money.

Seriously, the people who claim they want less spending want Obama to borrow more trillions from China
so the super-rich can get their $100,000 tax cuts that the poor and middle class have to pay for.

Oh, and they want smaller government and less debt - and tax cuts for the super-rich.

Yes, that's how bad Democratic salesmanship is. They can't even convince people
to accept more money for themselves - they'd rather the super-rich have more.

The worst part?

The super-rich aren't hiring - they'll just put that extra $100,000 in savings,
with the other millions that are sitting there idle while the middle class goes on food stamps.


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