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Pelosi: Time for Democrats to Attack
Who is she trying to convince?


If Washington normally blends the business of government with electoral politics,
this week signifies a turn toward an unalloyed electoral brawl.

Democratic Congressional leaders have sent members home without resolving their greatest
outstanding disagreement with Republicans, over the Bush tax cuts due to expire at year’s end.
After months on the defensive as Republicans surged in the polls, Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls it
time for Democrats to attack.

"You have to understand what fighters our members are," Ms. Pelosi said last week. Indeed, she
ascribed the Democrats' political travails to their refusal to "play patty-cake" with powerful economic
interests as they pursued a health care overhaul, new regulations for the financial industry and energy
legislation capping carbon emissions.

"Now our challenge is to tattoo the practices of big insurance, big oil, big banks and the rest" onto
Republican opponents, Ms. Pelosi said. "And our members feel very good about doing that."...

Republicans may be raising campaign funds through their "fire Pelosi" appeals, but "so am I," she said.
Nor, with her speakership on the line, does she object to Democrats in conservative districts appealing
to their constituents by criticizing her.

"I say go for it," Ms. Pelosi said. She would counsel those vulnerable Democrats, "Just win your election.'"

That's great advice, Nancy, but since they attack every minute of every day, every week and every month,
why do Democrats sleep for 20 months and then begin to show signs of life when the election draws near?

If the Democrats had any will to win...    

Well, no sense in finishing that sentence.


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