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Philly Priests go 'Rape crazy'
Dozens still raping as we speak


The grand jury report brought charges of rape or assault against two active priests,
one former priest, and one parochial school teacher, but left the majority of the 37 unnamed.
Cardinal Justin Rigali (Lying scumbag rapist enabler, if not rapist himself) initially insisted there had
been no allegations against any active priest.
But six days later he placed three of the priests the
grand jury had targeted on administrative leave, and hired an outside lawyer to investigate the allegations.
“There is a tremendous sense of urgency here,” the lawyer promised.

Lying sons of bitches...

There is NO sense of urgency - except to avoid getting caught.
I've been screaming about these sexual predators for a fucking DECADE and all during that,
more and more priests were raping more and more little kids because nobody will do anything.

Oh sure, this will make headlines for a few days and then people will forget while these
need-to-be-castrated jackals continue to rape more little boys and Benny the Rat looks away.

The US military should invade Italy and put the Pope on trial for worldwide sexual abuse.

Oh, that's right - Italy doesn't have any oil, so that's not going to happen.


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