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Pigboy's ching chong racism
He's the leader of the Racist party of America

"God put Chinks and Slants on Earth
  so we white people can mock them..."


I'm not sure what is more appalling: Rush the Pigboy's 30-second-long imitation of China's President
Hu Jintao speaking in Chinese, delivered on his radio show today in the most abominable display of
evil Oriental stereotyping this side of Fu Manchu, or the fact that Limbaugh obviously feels his audience
would relish an indulgence in racist mockery that most third grade boys would be ashamed of.

Pigboy's audience is mostly racist sons of bitches and Pigboy is smart enough to know that.

It's bad enough that Limbaugh went there. But it's much worse to contemplate that his show
boasts around 15 million listeners, most of whom, presumably, were not appalled.

Exactly - his devoted fans live to hear his next racist rant.

But if you want a reality check as to exactly how low the leader of the GOP can go, check it out.
Limbaugh puts his heart in it. This isn't just a tossed off "chop-socky" -- it's a bravura performance.

This is just embarrassing. I'm sure the clip is already surging through the Chinese Internet,
and hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens are contemplating the fact that the leader of the GOP
is a racist ignoramus intent on purposely humiliating the leader America invited to visit.

Pigboy's racist streak is as long as it is wide.
Eighteen years ago, Clinton's Surgeon General was a Black doctor named Jocelyn Elders.
One day, for some reason, Elders mentioned one of the world's great guitar players
but she didn't get the name quite right, calling him "Eric Clapner."

Rush thought that was the funniest goddamn thing in the world so he played the clip.
Again and again he played her mistake - for WEEKS and then for MONTHS.

His message?
"Dumb nigger bitch can't even pronounce 'Clapton,'
 THAT'S how stupid the dumb nigger bitch is."

He'd play the clip and then sit there and laugh and laugh at it, reminding his racist audience
that niggers are sub-humans who don't really belong in White America like the Rethugs do.

Nevermind that Elders was an accomplished medical doctor and the vulgar pigboy was a
druggie college dropout, none of that mattered while Rush was giggling at the dumb nigger bitch.

America is maybe 40% racist sons of bitches and Rush plays to that crowd,
all the while explaining to them that his talent is on loan from God.

GOD knows ignorant nigger bitches don't deserve our respect
so we might as well mock them, just like Jesus would.

Perhaps Dr Elders was studying her medical books in college while druggie Rush
was getting high and listening to rock & roll and learning the guitar players' names.


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