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Pigboy's grunts on Tucson
He's gotta be the biggest coward in America


Recently on his radio show, the vulgar Pigboy claimed that Jared Lee Loughner has the
 'full support' of Democrats and joked that Democrats had something to do with the
Tucson shooting in which Gabrielle Giffords was targeted.

CBS News also reports that Limbaugh said the Democratic Party 'seeks to profit out of murder'
and that the political left 'openly wishes for such disaster in order to profit from it.'
A transcript posted to Limbaugh's website
does not include those comments.

<>Of course it doesn't, the yellow little coward.
It's the same reason FOX News doesn't have transcripts of their shows

but funny, CNN was able to do it for years and years.

I guess CNN didn't have any crazy lies to hide.

By contrast, every work I've ever written is right there for everyone to see.
Every mistake, every mis-step (there haven't been many) and every "excited utterance"
such as the comments from 9-11 are right there - there's no need to hide the truth.

But the vulgar Pigboy and FOX NEWS don't dare put their vile slurs in print.

Pigboy also bemoans the criticism of Palin in the aftermath of the shootings as "insane"
and asks if Loughner's parents are "derelicts" or "did they just draw an unlucky card,
get a kid born with mental issues?"

Wait, when they're violent, they're "born that way?
But when they're gay, that's "learned behavior?"

Did you forget which side of the slur you were on, Pigboy?

Limbaugh repeatedly mentions Lougher's alleged use of marijuana, saying that
 "mental health issues like this are often caused by drug use."  

But Pigboy, pot isn't in the same league as those hardcore opiates YOU took.
If anyone knows about hillbilly heroin, it's our vulgar Pigboy,
but what does he know about safe, natural drugs?



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