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Since that Day, 9-11

  by William Rivers Pitt


Nine years, four national elections, two wars and two presidents since that day, and where are we now as a nation?

Broke, deranged and dangerous pretty much sums it up. We have Christian-Taliban pastors in Florida
with filthy souls threatening to burn the Qu'ran, as if such an act had any meaning beyond a desire to
make money, and a national news media apparatus all too happy to give them all the ink and air time
he could ever wish for.

We have seething crowds threatening arson and murder because a Muslim community center might
get built next to a (Titty bar) on the site of a defunct coat store. We have national caricatures like Sarah Palin
charging people more than $200 for the chance to meet with her on that day, as if she has any significance at all.

We've got stabbings and beatings and firebombings, and this is nine years later.

We are a nation of euphemisms now. It's not spying on the American people, it is "national security."
It's not holding someone in a hellhole without charges or trial, it is "indefinite detention."
It's not kidnapping, it is "extraordinary rendition."
It's not murder or assassination, it is "targeted killing."
It's not torture, it is "enhanced interrogation."
It's not wildly and patently illegal and immoral on its face, it is "war."


...this, from a Democratic president?


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