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Pole-Dancing Miss USA
 Plus, she's from the Middle East


Rima Fakih celebrated her Miss USA coronation Sunday night like many pageant winners before her -- with shock, 
tears and a sparkling white smile. Also like a number of recent tiara wearers, controversy has already found her.

Fakih, 24, a Lebanese immigrant and University of Michigan graduate from Dearborn is under fire after pictures 
surfaced of a her competing in a Detroit radio's station's "Stripper 101" pole dancing contest in 2007. She won, 
taking home her own stripper pole and "adult toys," according to

Partying pageant queens are nothing new (see: former Miss USA Tara Conner), but Fakih's win may be historic 
because she is believed to be the first Arab-American and Muslim to win the Miss USA title.

For some Muslims, Fakih's win is bittersweet. There is pride over her ascension to the 
visible role of Miss USA -- and disappointment that she had to bare her body to get there.

When was the last time a beauty contestant didn't have a past?
Hell, she's dancing with her clothes on - what else do they want?

If they split the contest in two, and had "Christian girls" and "normal girls,"
the normal girls would win the most and have the most scandals.


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