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Poodle cancels book signings
Trying to avoid a repeat of the Dublin fiasco


Tony Blair made a last-minute decision to cancel his book-signing in London because of "security fears,"
days after unrest at a signing in Dublin in which eggs and shoes were thrown at the murderous Poodle.

Blair said he was cancelling the event at Waterstone's bookshop in Piccadilly ''to avoid the
inconvenience to the public it would have caused''.

A spokesman for Mr Blair said most people who had gone to the signing in Dublin had wanted to meet
the Poodle and get books signed, but a small and vocal minority had grabbed the headlines.

Mr Blair was met with a hail of shoes and eggs at his signing on Saturday, but was not hit.

Tony, I hope that shit follows you the rest of your sorry-ass, sold-out-for-money life.

Shame on you, giving those Bush bastards the green light to rape and murder Iraq,
even dropping 5,000 pound bombs on a city of five million people.

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