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Pope: Not everyone has right to marry
Go away, old man, nobody cares what you think


Pope Benedict XVI, the most dangerous rapist in the world, has told his raping priests to do a
better job counseling would-be spouses to ensure the marriages last and says not everyone has
an automatic right to a wedding.

Benny the Rat made the comments Saturday to the Roman Rota, the Vatican tribunal that decides
marriage annulments. An annulment is the process by which the church effectively declares that
a marriage never took place.

The Catholic Church will let you annul your 30-year marriage if you write them a check.
If you want to marry a hot young thing (but your ex-wife is in the way, like Ted Kennedy)
just write the crooked priest a check and he'll cover the eyes of the Invisible Cloud Being.

Benedict acknowledged that the problems that would allow for a marriage to be annulled cannot
always be identified beforehand. But he said better pre-marriage counseling, which the Catholic
Church requires of the faithful, could help avoid a "vicious circle" of invalid marriages.

I guess if you run the biggest child-rape organization in the world,
you don't have any reason to get married - the bitch might rat you out.

Shame on the "Annulments for Sale" crooks who squawk about the sanctity of marriage
and then sell exemptions to it and then rape every boy they get their bloody hands on.

And why do the bastards who so enjoy raping a little boy look at gays with such disgust?
At least the gays are having sex with consenting adults.



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