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Pope spins like Karl Rove
"That letter didn't say what the words say it said"


In a new round of damage control, the Vatican insisted Wednesday that a 1997 letter warning
Irish bishops against reporting priests suspected of sex abuse to police had been "deeply misunderstood."

The Whore AP on Tuesday reported the contents of the letter, in which the Vatican's top diplomat in
Ireland told bishops that their policy of mandatory reporting such cases to police "gives rise to serious
reservations of both a moral and canonical nature."

The newly revealed letter has undermined persistent Vatican claims, particularly when seeking to
defend itself in U.S. lawsuits, that Rome never told bishops not to cooperate with police.

The sons of bitches - what frauds they are.
They are ALL IN ON THE RAPES if you count those who kept quiet.
What kind of monsters put their fake little club (Roman Catholic) ahead of the rectums of children?

Would Mexican drug dealers do that?
Would a cheap street prositute do that?
Would Bush Family arms dealers do that?

How can anyone call it anything else?  It's a rape club.
Think how many THOUSANDS of priests would have to have known.
Think how many THOUSANDS of priests must have known and did nothing.

This story most recently "broke" in early 2002 and since then, in those eight years
can you name ONE THING the Catholics have done to throttle back their serial rapists?

An Irish government-ordered investigation into decades of abuse cover-ups in the Dublin Archdiocese
concluded that Irish bishops understood the letter to mean they shouldn't report suspected crimes.

And victims groups say it's a "smoking gun" that shows that the church enforced a worldwide culture
of concealing crimes by pedophile priests of which Rome bears ultimate — and legal — responsibility.

"The letter confirms that the cover-up goes as far as the Vatican, that Vatican officials knew exactly
what was going on, and that they proactively sought to deter Irish bishops from cooperating with
civil authorities in Ireland," said Andrew Madden, a former raped altar boy.

"This letter also documents how the church remained of the view that it is a law unto itself,
how its rules and regulations regarding the handling of a criminal offense take precedence
over civil society's laws," said Madden, who in 1995 became the first Irish victim to go public.

On Wednesday, the Vatican insisted the 1997 letter was only intended to emphasize that Irish bishops
must follow church law meticulously. The Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Federico Lombardi, said the
Holy See wanted to ensure that pedophile priests wouldn't have any technical grounds to escape
church punishment on appeal.

ha ha
Who's helping with your denial - Larry Craig?
"We are not serial rapists - we have never been serial rapists."

Hey Benny the Rat, I take it back.
You're nowhere near as good a liar as Karl Rove.

But then again, after you've been cought red-handed (so to speak)
so many f-ing times in a row - and nobody ever does anything about it
- why bother to come up with reasonable and plausible excuses?

Bottom line (no pun intended) you guys have a green light to rape.
I suspect you'll use that green light aggressively.



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