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Pot a low priority in Hailey, Idaho 
Cops got better things to do than chase God's flowers


Hailey's Marijuana Oversight Committee won a symbolic victory Monday when Mayor Rick Davis 
announced that smoking pot on private property was officially the lowest police priority in town.

Woo Hoo!

"This has not been easy, but I think that we have come up with something that works 
for those on both sides of this issue," Davis said at a City Council meeting.

"The FDA has always been the governing body on substances that can become addictive, 
and if marijuana is ever legalized, I hope it will follow the same process."

Marijuana isn't addictive, unless you consider "American Idol" to be addictive, too

Hailey municipal code now reads, "The Hailey Police Department shall investigate and enforce 
misdemeanor possession of marijuana offenses committed by adults on private property as the 
lowest police priority of the city of Hailey." 

Woo Hoo!

Tequilafest Idaho, anyone?

Southwest flies to Salt Lake.
From there we rent a car and dive tp Hailey, then after the Fest,
we can swing by Yellowstone and watch the geysers spew.


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