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Mr. President: Time to Man Up


With all due respect, it's time to man up. It is time, way past time for you to grow into the job you were
elected to do, and promised to do. It is time to stand up and be the man we hoped we elected. It is time to
justify that hope, and the trust that was placed in you. It is time to pick up the mantle of history that has
been entrusted to you and prove yourself worthy of carrying it forward. Too much is at stake now.
Too many people are beginning to think their faith in you was misplaced. What's worse is you are proving them right.

Strike one was Van Jones. Strike two was ACORN. And now Shirley Sherrod had become strike three.

Yours has become an administration that remains loyal to people who are and have been part of the problem
(Any problem we're currently facing. Pick one.)"

It's an administration in which a Ben Bernanke can keep a job, but a Van Jones can't. It's an administration
in which a Larry Summers can keep a job, but a Shirley Sherrod can't. It's an administration in which a
Tim Geithner can keep a job, but an Elizabeth Warren may not be able to get one.

It's an administration that quickly leaves twisting in the wind good people who are trying to be a part of
the solution, but have the misfortune of being targeted by smear campaigns from a political right-wing you
clearly fear more than you respect the concerns of not just progressives who worked hard to put you into office,
but the very people Sherrod spoke of in her unedited speech.


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