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Racists may help Democrats


Conservatives today imagine that everyone views the current occupant of the White House as they do: 
Obama is the worst President ever. Conventional wisdom posits that this potent right-wing, anti-Obama sentiment 
will diminish the President's power - enough for Republicans to vanquish Democrats in November, regain control 
of Congress and weaken the incumbent for 2012. 

But this myopia has been created within an electronic cocoon of Fox News, talk radio, conservative websites and 
rhetoric from Republican leaders, all passionately reinforcing the message that Obama is a disaster on a historic scale. 
It's a message that is being transported as gamely by rank-and-file Republicans as it is by erudite conservative columnists 
with national readerships. 

If Obama is the worst, why do conservatives need to say anything more than that to take control of Congress and 
then get rid of him? But while the conservatives' ultimate condemnation rallies their core supporters and resonates 
with some centrist voters, over time it is unlikely to produce a majority against the Administration. 

It can't be pleasant for Obama to be the subject of such attacks. And solving the country's major problems in a 
bipartisan fashion will be difficult under these rancorous circumstances. But as long as those trying to beat him are 
blind to the fact that tens of millions of voters think Obama is doing a fine job, Obama has a great ally in his enemies. 

I'm not sure this writer made his point, but yeah, putiing a spotlight on their hate's gotta help our side.

If the Democrats had any brains (Why do I even bother?) they'd do what Jon Stewart does:
They'd record the Fascist dogs screaming "nigger" at Obama and use them in ads at election time.
But our idiot Democrats can't think that far in advance.

Why is our side so brain-dead?

I swear to Koresh, they should let me run just one election.
Drunk on Cuervo Gold, I could do a better job fighting back that the sleepy wimps we have now.

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