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Rape Club Strikes Again
They passed one kid around like prison cigarettes 


What will it take for Catholic leaders to finally stand up and openly and honestly confront the
priest sex-abuse scandal that continues to eat away at the very institution its leaders are trying to protect?

Do more priests have to be taken away in handcuffs?
Does a cardinal or two have to get indicted?
Will a judge have to hold the Vatican liable?

How many more boys will be abused and turn to drugs and alcohol to ease their pain and suffering?
Or commit suicide? Does already lagging church attendance have to plummet even further?
Do collection plates have to return to the altar empty?

Given the details in a grand jury report released last week involving the Archdiocese of Philadelphia,
it seems clear church leaders are still trying to contain and cover up the scandal.

The grand jury indicted a former top aide to retired Archbishop Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua for
allegedly enabling a cover-up of priests accused of abusing boys. Bevilacqua, 87, wasn’t charged
but the grand jury concluded he was “closely involved” in decisions surrounding the problem priests
and “personally authorized many of them.”

Monsignor William Lynn, who handled priest personnel issues, including abuse cases from 1992 to 2004,
was accused of turning a blind eye to the abuse. He is believed to be the highest church official criminally
charged in the sexual-abuse scandal, which has rocked the church for more than a decade.

Two other priests, a former priest, and a lay teacher were also charged with assaulting two young boys.

Rev. Engelhardt, 64, blew a 10-year-old altar boy in 1998. Engelhardt told
Rev. Avery about i. Avery, 68, then allegedly assaulted the boy, as allegedly
did the boy’s sixth-grade teacher, Bernard G. Shero, 48.

The criminal acts allegedly commited by the priests and teacher are disgusting enough,
but then there’s the response of church leaders whose essential role was to deny, fight,
and ignore the claims. Even more disturbing, the grand jury report comes less than six years
after a similar panel excoriated the archdiocese for protecting problem priests.

How can anybody call The Vatican anything but a rape club?
It's why they exist.

They KNOW there's no God watching them.
They KNOW they're not going to "Hell" for their crimes.

They exist to rape little boys and Catholics and local prosecutors
- to this day - turn a blind eye to this worldwide, ongoing rape spree.

Every time you hear about a Catholic chuch burning, remember that
there are probably a hundred other rape victims who were able to resist
the urge to burn their church down.



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