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Reagan, the anti-Reaganite
Our whore media can't get enough of his 'greatness'


In fact, history may see in Reagan a great president, just not in the mold of his current boosters.
His greatness rested precisely in his readiness to abandon his conservative principles when it made
sense to do so. That's how he helped achieve the gains often ascribed to him: He delivered the
knockout blow to communism by making common cause with the enemy. He protected national
security by backing away from nuclear weapons. Had he listened to his apoplectic right-wing critics,
the Soviet empire would never have collapsed and the Cold War would not have ended.

If Reagan could see how his disciples picture him, he might ask, as he did when he titled
his 1965 autobiography, "Where's the rest of me?"

In short, a bogus myth about Reagan has become far more precious to today's GOP than his
actual record. Despite venerating Reagan, the party has moved to the right of him, suggesting
that the federal government should be kneecapped and that a unilateralist, militaristic foreign
policy would fulfill Regan's legacy. Reagan, however, didn't demonize his enemies, snub allies
or try to destroy the federal government.

Reagan, in other words, couldn't be counted among contemporary Reaganites.

Remember, one of the first things Fuhrer Bush did when he took office was to make
Reagan's presidential papers off-limits to historians and the media.

What did he do that was so awful they had to hide everything?

CNN can't stand how great he was.
FOX News
can't stand how great he was.
USA TODAY can't stand how great he was.
The major whore networks
can't stand how great he was - but they never list the facts.

Reagan raised taxes - when does a Democrat ever mention that?
Reagan sent arms to terrorists, after running on a "no negotiating with terrorists" platform.

If you remember 1980, we were stuck in the Iranian hostage crisis.
Reagan said, again and again, "When I'm president, we won't negotiate with them.
I'm going to go all John Wayne on their ass and they'll get the message," but in
the end, he caved in to the terrorist demands and armed them with Stinger missles.

But you never hear those facts - not even from the Democrats who stood inline
around the block when Reagan died to get on TV and talk about "his greatness."

Why is Reagan so worshipped?

Because he was the first elected Rethug to be president after Nixon. Nixon so soured
the GOP brand, they decided whoever the next GOP president was, they were going
to canonize him and their willing allies in the whore press were more than eager to help.

Reagan lost his mind 70 days into his presidency and turned the running of the country
over to George Herbert, Herbert Bush who was president for eleven years and ten months.

Next year when these GOP sickos run for the White House, they're each going to stand there
and say, "I'm most like Reagan," while the others will say, "No, *I* am most like Reagan"
as tho "being like Reagan" was something positive.

Of course, we have no Reagan counterpart because Democrats hate their heroes.

The Republicans worship a guy who stole the election, caused a massive recession,
pushed civil rights back a decade and gave weapons to terrorists while the Democrats
were busy screaming "You f-ing racist" at the only double winner we've had in sixty years.

When voters see how proud the GOP is of Reagan, and then they see how ashamed the
Democrats are of Clinton, it HAS to affect the way people vote when they're alone in the booth.

Clinton gave us eight years of never-before prosperity, kept us safe, never sent a soldier into battle
who didn't come home alive and ...what am I mssing...  oh yeah, he created 22 million jobs and
TRIPLED the stock market, ...but who wants that kind of performance in a president?

Democrats need some therapy to find out why they hate themselves so much.


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