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Reagan's 30-year time bombs
  by  Robert Parry


The time element of “30 years” keeps slipping into American official reports and news stories
about the origins of crises – the latest in “The Financial Crisis Inquiry Report” – but rarely is the
relevance of the three-decade span explained, and there is a reason.

I've been saying that for years.
Our whore media will protect the Republicans by saying, "Jobs are more scarce that at any time
in the last 30 years," but they don't want you to do the math and figure out Reagan was the culprit.
They did this constantly under Der Monkey Fuhrer, saying "Things haven't been this bad
in ten years," and then you do the math and then realize that Poppy Bush was the culprit.

The failure to close the circle in saying who started the nation off on the path toward these
disasters is because nearly everyone shies away from blaming Ronald Reagan for almost anything.

Yes, Saint Reagan, who is so Holy we're not allowed to see his presidential papers.
What crimes would be revealed if we got a glimpse behind the curtain the whore press erected?

The overpowering consensus in Washington is that it’s political suicide to criticize Reagan,
whose centennial birthday on Feb. 6 will be celebrated elaborately.

It’s much safer to behave like Chris Matthews and simply accept that Reagan was “one of the all-time greats.”

Yes, Chris Matthews, the Whore of Whores.
First he's "I love Bush's codpiece. We're all neo-cons now,"
and then he's "I get a thrill up my leg when Obama speaks,"
and then he's "Reagan was one of the all-time greats."

Chris Matthews, the Whore of Whores.
He's on the side of whoever's in power.
Chris Matthews, president of "Whores Are Us" Inc..

But the truth is that Reagan’s current historical reputation rests more on the effectiveness of
the Republican propaganda machine – and the timidity of many Democrats and media
personalities – than on his actual record of accomplishments.

You bet your ass.
Democrats are soooooooooo afraid to mention Reagan's mountain of flaws - therefore he had none.

Indeed, many of today’s worst national and international problems can be traced to misjudgments
and malfeasance from the Reagan years – from the swelling national debt to out-of-control banks,
from the decline of the U.S. middle class to the inaction on energy independence, from the rise of
Islamic fundamentalism to Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal.

I'm so old, I remember living in an America that had a free press. But once Saint Reagan got in
office, it was treason to question him, even tho he took office by making deals with terrorists
- but we shouldn't mention his global crimes because we need to focus on Clinton's girlfriend.

The Democrats are scared little mice and the whore press is on the take.
Bill Maher and Jon Stewart have more integrity than any "journalist" on television today.



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