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Reid defies judge's order 
Senate leader shows some balls - who knew he had any?


Less than 24 hours after removing a version of Sharron Angle's original unvarnished campaign website,
sacless Harry Reid is defying a cease and desist order from his Tea Party opponent and republishing the site.

That's super-stupidly written.
Sharron Angle can't issue any orders - what's wrong with today's writers?

Reid's re-election campaign unveiled (for the second time) its website The Real Sharron Angle yesterday.
The site is basically the same platform Angle used when running in the Nevada Republican primary,
though Reid's staff tinkered with its presentation to ensure it could withstand a legal challenge from the Angle campaign.

The move is a show of defiance from the Majority Leader. Hours after launching her new website -- in which
many of her more provocative positions have been scrubbed -- Angle filed a legal objection to Reid's publishing
of her old campaign website material, claiming misuse of copyrighted materials. The Tea Party favorite was able
to win temporary relief, with Reid agreeing to pull down the old site over the July 4th weekend. But Harry's
legal team clearly feels there is no standing for Angle's objections. At the very least, the advantages of highlighting
Angle's now- former positions and statements outweighs the potential cost in legal fees from the back-and-forth
sparring over copyright law.

Excellent move that shows balls - I'm about to faint.

This was the right thing to do and screw that crooked judge.

Harry can't lose this fight even if he loses it.
He's got her extreme views up for everyone to see and it's making her squirm.

Angle is so crazy, she wants to abolish the IRS and the Dept of Education.
She's one of those Rand Paul handjobs but now she's in the general election
and her primary words are killing her so she sued to get her own words erased
and Reid's team is making her eat it and that's Bartcop-style politics.

What's more fair than using her own words against her?

If the crooked judge throws a hissy now, Reid can change a few more words and put
the site back up, all the time asking why Angle is so afraid of her own wild-ass rhetoric.

Harry, I gotta say - well done.
Whoever is making your decisions is doing a great job.

Just think, harry - if you'd shown balls like this as leader in the senate,
maybe somebody would have respected you.


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