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Reid's Chances Are Improving
The teabaggers are running a real loon against Harry


Nevada's Sharron Angle is an art teacher, a weight-lifting champ, a Christian-school founder and a former four-term
state representative from Reno. Her two previous runs at higher office failed. But backed by the Tea Party and the
taxophobic Club for Growth, her candidacy for the U.S. Senate took off this spring. She now faces Harry Reid in the fall.

Angle, 60, looks to be the main reason Reid will survive for a fifth term. She wants to privatize Social Security, Medicare
and Medicaid. She has no use for the departments of Energy and Education, the IRS, the National Endowment for the Arts,
the Environmental Protection Agency or Planned Parenthood. She'd like to repeal the 16th Amendment, which provides for
direct federal taxation, and has expressed a fondness for the 18th Amendment, which created Prohibition. She has a permit
to carry a concealed .44 Magnum and brags about bringing it to campaign events...

In a Fox News interview on June 14, she asserted that she's the "mainstream" candidate in the race while Reid
"gave us the stimulus, the bailout, Obamacare. He thinks amnesty should be the priority. Cap and trade.
All of those things that I oppose, he agrees with," she said. 'So if I'm wacky, what is that?'"

Looks like Harry is going to be with us for another six years, yet our lying whore media
continues with that phony stuff about "Incumbents are in trouble."


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