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Reid's chances better
Louden's 'chicken' gaffe is killing her


Chickens-for-checkups may have provided us with weeks of entertainment, but the story has a serious side: 
Weeks after this tale first waddled its way into the national consciousness, it may have ended Sue Lowden's Senate hopes.

Two new polls out this morning show that Lowden has fallen well behind hard-right Teabagger Sharron Angle.

First, a Suffolk University poll finds that Angle has taken an eight point lead over Lowden among Nevada Rethugs.

And second, Kos Tweets that a Research 2000 poll he sponsored will show that Angle has taken a "significant lead."

Given Angle's hard right positions, this is obviously good news for Harry Reid, and signals a changed dynamic 
from only weeks ago, when it looked as if Reid was going to have serious trouble hanging onto his seat.

Thw whore media has been building up the Teabagger fraud since last summer.
I think the TBs are going to bring down more Rethigs than Dems.

Teabaggers have no spokesman, outside of Palin who's a Rethug.

I think the Teabagger movement is phoney and toothless.

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