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Remember why we're Democrats?
  by Lawrence Lewis


The Bush bastards inherited a budget surplus from Clinton. The Bush bastards destroyed the surplus
and created the largest deficit in human history by cutting taxes, increasing corporate welfare, and launching
a trillion dollars worth of wars. President Obama inherited one of the worst disasters inherited by any president.
But he knew, going in, what he was getting. Or he should have.

The obvious answer should have included repealing and revoking as much of the Bush agenda as was possible.
Let the tax cuts on the wealthiest expire. Cut corporate welfare. Draw down the two lost wars. Instead, one war
was expanded and we now hear that the other may be allowed to continue. Corporate welfare to Wall Street increased.
The tax cuts may be allowed to remain in place. And instead of helping the vast majority of the American people
by upending the Bush agenda, we may actually see the burden fall even harder on the most vulnerable.
Even Social Security is on the table...

The Democrats got drubbed in the election because too many base voters didn't vote. But the White House seems
to be taking the exact wrong message. Although it's not really clear that the election was the key factor. The economy
is still staggering. The wars continue. The income gap continues to expand. And if the Democrats can't pursue policies
that solve these problems, and instead continue to buy into Republican framings, they will be in even more trouble
in 2012 than they were this year. If the Democrats can't defend Social Security-- the very backbone of our social
safety net-- from they who would destroy it, the Democratic Party as we know it may not survive.

Will that be Obama's legacy - the destruction of the Democratic Party?

After the disasterous election,. Obama is busy declaring he hasn't been wimpy enough,
hasn't given the Bitch and the Boner all they wanted and he's promised to "do better."

Can we stand more "better" from Obama?

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