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Republicans Aim Info-War at Obama
  by Robert Parry


Finally, Congress appears ready to hold some high-profile hearings – except they won’t be about
the most important scandals of the past decade, like how the United States was misled into the
Iraq invasion, how the Afghan War was bungled, how torture became a U.S. practice, or how
bank deregulation and Wall Street greed nearly destroyed the economy.

In a déjà vu moment, Official Washington seems to be following the old script from the early years
of Bill Clinton’s administration with almost identical results.

After winning the White House in 1992, Democrats chose to ignore major crimes of the prior
Republican administrations – apparently as a gesture of bipartisanship – only to have Republicans
offer no reciprocity, stage a quick electoral comeback and then launch congressional investigations
into trivial Democratic misdeeds.

For years, Parry said, "Clinton should've known he couldn't trust the GOP."
Fine, that mistake was in 1993 - what's Obama's excuse for falling into the same trap 16 years later?

That’s what is shaping up again as Republican reclaim control of the House on Wednesday with
promises to conduct investigations that will put the Obama administration further on the defensive
and will reinforce the dominant GOP narrative that “government is the problem.”

Yes, and the Democrats will stand idly by with their heads up their asses while the GOP
spreads their lies and mis-information. Why are we such a party of sheep and mice?

So, instead of examining the sweeping deregulation of Big Banks and the perverse incentives
on Wall Street – as culprits in the financial collapse of 2008 – Rep. Darrell Issa, the California
Republican taking over the House Oversight Committee, has vowed to turn the congressional
spotlight on the role of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in supporting loans to homebuyers.

Yeah, can you believe that? The Great Depression of 2008 happened because Democrats
FORCED the banks - against their will - to make all those extra trillions in profit.

In other words, we can expect the economic crisis to be laid at the door of government-supported
efforts to help Americans buy homes, rather than the massive private corruption in the securitizing
of sub-prime loans offered by "shadow banks" and then traded by Wall Street firms in reckless gambling.

If only the liberals had gotten their jackboots off the throats of poor CitiBank and Bear Stearns,
the market would be free to work it's magic because if we know one thing for sure,
there's no greed on Wall Street.

Similarly, Issa will target government regulation – rather than the consequences of unwise
deregulation – as the cause for high unemployment.

On another front, instead of exposing the government deception and wishful thinking that trapped
American troops in two botched wars, Issa plans to go after the Obama administration for not
attacking WikiLeaks more aggressively over its publication of classified government records.

All these investigations can be expected to provide scoops for Fox News and other right-wing
media outlets further benefiting Republican candidates in 2012 when the GOP expects to
consolidate its control of Congress and reclaim the White House. If the experience of the
Clinton years continues to be predictive, the mainstream news media will eagerly clamber
onto the right-wing bandwagon in pursuit of scandal stories.

Well, sure, that's a given.
The New York Whore Times went after Clinton and Whitewater for YEARS, even after
a full investigation showed the Clintons were innocent, but then that same Old Grey Whore
did all they could to assist Cheney in his quest for world domination thru invasions and
kidnappings and torture and look what happened when the Democrats refused to fight back.

America's whore press will push the illegal Republican agenda but then scream "scandal"
if some Democrat gets caught looking at some cute woman's cleavage.

It's like some sick Three Stooges skit where they're so giddy at finding some shiny dimes
they can't see the hundred dollar bills that and falling all around them.

This latest turn of the page on the GOP’s old get-Clinton playbook was, of course, not unexpected.

Wrong, Bob. Today's Democrats are constantly surprised at events that any Okie with an IQ of 64
could see coming a mile away.  They're not only sheep and mice, they are clueless sheep and mice
who cannot learn no matter how many times they step into the same hole and break the same leg.

What remains extraordinary is how clueless the Democrats continue to be about the
importance of official investigations in educating – or mis-educating – the American people.

When's the last time you saw that mush truthiness?
That last sentence has been written on  a hundred times.

Because the Democrats are scared little mice who refuse to fight back - or even attempt to
educate the ignorant voters, the Rethugs are going to look past the bank robberies, the murders,
the invasions and the rest of it and go after Obama for the most trivial matters possible - and we
all get to watch it unfold on the TV.

How did I get stuck in a party that's so blind, stupid and weak?



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