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Republicans under Teabagger spell
  by Richard Cohen, believe it or not


Christine O'Donnell confesses to have once "dabbled into witchcraft" -- a fittingly ungrammatical
revelation that not only was to be expected but explains what has happened to the Republican Party.

Someone has cast a spell on it, and now it has a candidate whose main contribution to political thought or,
indeed, the plight of the poor is to have railed against masturbation, which she likened to adultery.

Only a spell can explain such thinking.

Only a spell also can explain how Newt Gingrich, possibly a presidential candidate,
can attribute the politics of Obama to "Kenyan, anti-colonial behavior."

Obama allegedly picked up this behavior from his father, whom he knew only fleetingly,
which is to say almost not at all, and who has long been dead.

This, as Gingrich and others under the spell can tell you, is proof of the demonic power that can
come out of the grave and pervade the very body and mind of the commander in chief.

It's enough to give you the willies.

Similarly, only a spell can explain why the GOP insists on calling Obama a socialist.

To apply this label to the very man who saved Big Finance, who rescued Goldman Sachs and the
rest of the boys, who gave a Heimlich to the barely breathing banks, can only be explained by
witchcraft or voodoo or something like that.

It has caused the GOP to lose its mind.

I agree.
The sad thing would be if they profited from going crazy.


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