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Is 'Restore Stephen Baldwin' for real?


This Republican handjob loser could have just fallen off the deep end.

Steve Baldwin, 43, after struggling to maintain a steady career as an actor, became a born-again Christian in 2002. 
Ever since then he has been a church activist and proud of his faith, which is great.  However, to take and use one’s faith 
as a way to establish wealth is just mind-boggling.  And the fact that people actually buy into this is even more astonishing!
Ever since December, there has been a website called “The Restoration of Stephen Baldwin,”  ( offline when I posted this )
and the website is asking for donations to “restore” Baldwin’s career. 

So let me get this straight, Stephen Baldwin, who has been a star in over 60 movies and televisions shows but not since
“The Usual Suspects” in the 90s, is being used on a website that uses God as a way to generate wealth for who, Baldwin? 
Or is it Baldwin’s ministry president, Daniel Southern, who actually has an active role in the website?

The website states some outlandish claims that makes me concerned about the sanity of our population 
and even many who have leadership roles.  One of the quotes states:  "He deserves hundreds of millions 
for his Job-like faithfulness in the face of relentless loss and persecution." Hundreds of millions! Really?

I just heard about this and it's apparently been a big thing on the web for a while,
but if it's working, why isn't the site up and collecting money?

It makes me wonder - Are the atheists paying Baldwin to act the fool?

"Do like me - turn your life over to Jesus, become a big loser 
  and then go on the Internets and beg strangers for donations."

Wait, that sounds like what I do - without the chicanery or the religious-insanity, of course. 

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