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Richmond, VA  Bans 'Christmas'
The American Handjob Association is furious!

 Link to the AHA Site 

This year, a company which took over sponsorship of the annual Richmond, Virginia, Christmas parade
has ordered the city's organizers to change it to a "holiday" parade.

Dominion, an energy company operating in 12 states, has told the city it no longer wants to use "Christmas"
as part of the parade name. Instead, Dominion said it will be known as the "Dominion Holiday Parade."

This attack on the traditional use of "Christmas" has been accepted by parade organizers,
who buckled under the anti-Christmas insistence of the company.

Dominion does business in your state. Perhaps you are a customer.

Either way, please send an email to Dominion Chairman Thomas F. Farrell II
and ask him to restore "Christmas" to the Richmond parade.

Should Dominion become the title sponsor of your city's parade in the future,
you can expect that they would not hesitate to censor "Christmas" in your town, too! 

1. Who gives a fuck what they call some damn parade?
2. The American Handjob Asssociation is LYING - nobody "banned Christmas,"
    as you claim in your trying-to-stir-shit-up e-mail.
3. Dominion BOUGHT the Christmas parade title.
    They can name it "Daffy Duck's Fourth of July Parade" if they want.
    It's called "the free market" - why do you hate America?
4. Your handjob club is in Colorado Springs. 
    Why is it so important to you that 1,480-miles away Richmond, Virginia
    name their parade what YOU think it should be called.
5. Don't have have anything else to protest?  How about those rapist priests?
6. Where in the Bible does it say "You have to call it a CHRISTMAS parade?"
7. Why do you hate Jews and African-Americans?
8. You stir shit up for a living?  Why not get a REAL job?
    Or does stirring-shit-up pay good?
9. There is no God. Shame on you for stealing from the logic-challenged.
10. I saw a gay guy at Home Depot.  You'd better get right over there, Asshole.


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