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Right-wing TV is everywhere
 Will the sickly Dems every try to fight back?


Kelsey Grammer, one of Hollywood's most radical right-wingers, is now promoting a new television network: 
RightNetwork, aimed at his political brethren. What's less clear is what sort of broader funding the new project 
has lined up, after some blogs mistakenly reported that they have already been acquired by cable bastards Comcast.

        Kelsey Grammer, whoring for Fascism 2010

"The blog reports that Comcast is an investor in, or partner of, the RightNetwork are inaccurate," said a Comcast liar. 
"We have no partnership with this venture and have no plans to launch or distribute the network," they lied again.
"As we have done with hundreds of other content providers, we have met with the network's representatives. 
We do carry a number of independent networks on Comcast representing a wide variety of interests and diverse viewpoints."

Sure, they represent Republican AND right-wing views.

There's no question that the new network has taken a confident approach to its own online promotional campaign. 
"There's wrong, and there's right," Nazigrammer says in a clip featured on the RightNetwork website. 
"RightNetwork: All that's right with the world."

I was furious at Gore for launching a network that was "non-partisan."
I haven't heard from it since, so maybe it's no big deal.

But are the Democrats going to stand there as usual, with their heads up their asses
while the GOP continues to buy more and more propaganda outlets?

The GOP wants to win and they're willing to fund the fight and then wage the fight 

Meanwhile, the Democrats might accept victory if it knocks on their sorry-ass doors.

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