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Right-wing Silences Helen
The ONE person who asked the tough questions


Helen Thomas is retiring after she gave a controversial response to a question about Israel. 
Thomas, 89, has worked from the White House since the Kennedy administration.

After she moved from UPI in 2000 (following the wire's purchase by the Unification Church) to Hearst, 
Thomas became known for her much more opinionated questioning of White House press secretaries. 
As she was regularly abusing the Bush administration's flacks (from her longtime position in the very first row), 
she earned the ire of conservatives and right-wing bloggers (most of whom masked their hatred in faux-sadness 
that a trailblazing legend had become a liberal crank).

They asked Thomas for comments "on Israel."

"Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine," Thomas answered. That, is a justifiable sentiment. 

Not according to Robert Gibbs, Obama's hack spokesman.
Gibbs is the arbiter of what's acceptable speech and what's not - like Ari Fleischer was for Bush.

"The remarks Helen Thomas made were offensive and reprehensible..."   Link

Fuck you, Robert Gibbs.

Gibbs got his revenge against Helen, too.
He loves it that there will be no more tough questions from the whore press.

And why is a whore like Ari Fleischer want to see Helen fired?
You'd think he'd enjoy seeing Gibbs squirm, but maybe there's some bullshit "brotherhood"
of dorks who take questions from the good puppy press.

But, asked to elaborate, Thomas seemed to recommend what amounts to an ethnic cleansing, 
saying Israeli Jews should "go home to Germany, Poland, and America, and everywhere."

<Bart grabs his heart, almost fainting.>

Did someone just accurately quote Helen Thomas?
I'll be damned, there's a least one honest reporter still working. 

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