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Subject: That's it for the other one

Your banana shtick is incoherent, Bart.

I can see how it might be incoherent to a Monkey like yourself.
As a Monkey, I'm sure you like bananas - all Monkeys do.
I dropped a hint on how to keep your food fresh - 'cause I'm a nice guy.

And leave the Dallas Cowboys out of your defense.
I didn’t bring them up, so it’s interesting that you scapegoat them to defend the indefensible.

Do you know what that word means?

You claim I don't like Eldrick because of his race.
So why do I dislike the Cowboys?  Because of their race?
You don't even understand how stupid you sound.
You want to accuse me of being a racist but
you can't figure out how to launch that missle.
You are a fucking toady racist.

You are an Eskimo named Fargwart.
Gee, it's fun making shit up.

Let’s see, “get home from the jungle with your bananas, RMann”.
It doesn’t get much more racist than that.

So now bananas are racist?
Do you know what the word "racist" means?

I've called Bush "Der Monkey Fuhrer" for ten years
and I didn't even know Bush was Black!!
Sorry, Monkey, you struck out.
Yet you pose teabaggers with their racist signs as being...,racist,
as if you’re somehow removed from them.

So, now I'm a Teabagger?
Good luck making that stick.

If you made a sign of your words above, and replaced the name
of our president instead of mine, then we would have where you
are coming from as regards your boot-black, Eldrick.

If I made a sign of YOUR words,
then I could see how somebody might call me a Teabagger.
I’m saying you hate tiger woods BECAUSE he happens to be both black and Asian.

Why not claim I hate him because his name has ten letters?
You can't just grab accusations out of the air and pretend they're valid.
Besides, I don't ever think I said I "hate" Tiger Woods, but I hate
the fake, bullshit hype the whore media once had for him.

And the only way you can show your racial disdain on your site is by
calling him "Eldrick”. I guess it beats using the N-word, right Bart?

"Eldrick" is the name his parents gave him at birth,
so, according to you, his parents were racists, right?

What if *I* was so egotistical that I wanted poeple to call me "Tiger."
Would you be a racist if you called me Bart?

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