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Subject: Robert Parry and Watergate

Dear Bart:

It appears that Robert Perry is either ignoring, or has not read, Family of Secrets by Russ Baker,
or even Secret Agenda by Jim Hougan.  Otherwise, Perry would not be claiming the press was
still functioning as a watchdog during the Watergate years.  

Well, they DID bring down a president.

Perry has done a great job of connecting two or three Bush scandals, that the Bushes and the CIA
have tried hard to compartmentalize, into one long 12+ year scandal.   However, Perry fails to see
this 12+ year scandal as part of a much longer, 40+ year, series of covert operations, conducted by Bush,
the media, and elements of the CIA and Military leadership.  These Bush  covert operations include,
at a minimum, the assassination of JFK, the framing and removal of Nixon for Watergate, the October
Surprise treason to deny Carter re-election, the Iran-Contra Scandal, the Contra Cocaine scandal,
the Savings and Loan scandal, the faking of intelligence to justify continuing the arms race with the USSR,
creating a false history for George W. to conceal his being AWOL (and his history of arrests, and his
shady business dealings including some with links to future terrorists,) the BCCI scandal, the faking
of intelligence to justify invading Iraq, putting Federal agencies under control of unqualified political
cronies, and the firing of Dan Rather by CBS.   All of these Bush covert operations are documented
by Russ Baker in Family of Secrets.

In my view, even Baker missed a few  major Bush covert operations.  For one, the cover-up of the
underage male prostitution ring operating out of the Whitehouse during the first Bush administration
and the gays and gay pedophiles, including W., running the administration and the Republican Party
during W’s eight years in the Whitehouse.  Another is the theft of two Presidential elections. 

Another is orchestrating the attacks of 9-11.  (I haven’t even mentioned the assassination of RFK,
the creation of multiple phony Bill Clinton scandals, the 20 month media war against Al Gore,
the vilification of Dan Quayle and Hillary Clinton or the crashing of the US economy while the
Bushes were invested in gold.)

Anyway, the Bush/CIA control of the media was already well underway before Watergate. 
Perry has done a good job of connecting a few events, but Russ Baker, in Family of Secrets,
has done a far better job of documenting the pattern and history of Bush family covert operations
against this country for over 40 years.

I urge Robert Perry, who I supported financially for many years,
and everyone else to read Family of Secrets by Russ Baker.

Jim W.

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