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Subject: Roberts knew what he was doing

If Roberts had killed Obamacare, it would have rallied the DEMOCRATS.
If Roberts had killed Obamacare, it would have meant facing Medicare for Everybody
the next time the Dems (if ever) controlled enough Houses of Congress to give it to us.

By saving the ACA, Roberts put off that day for a century or two.

Medicare for Everybody is what Obama SHOULD have done. Instead, he sided with the
health care insurance industry and kept them alive, nay, gave them fresh business and money,
most of it from the government in the form of subsidies. The ACA is just about the worst
'improvement' of our health system that any person could imagine; but it IS an improvement.

Roberts knew what he was doing. He made the only real pro-business decision.
The REAL question is: Why is Kennedy, supposedly a swing vote on the SCOTUS,
voting as if he were a dyed-in-the-wool Tea-brained idiot? All season long?

As in seven out of nine decisions all supported by the Chamber of Congress?
As in, he voted with the Chamber EVERY TIME instead of half or one quarter?
As in, who thinks of Kennedy as a 'swing' vote on the Court EVER AGAIN?

No one. Nobody with a working brain who's actually paying attention, that's who.

I think Roberts took one look at Kennedy's vote and knew what he had to do,
completely reluctantly, but he HAD to do it. And now he will pay. I hope they
crucify him and make his life miserable, because he just might turn into that
missing swing vote once in a while, just for SPITE.

When Republicans eat each other, 'tis a GRAND thing!


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