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Rove Slams Fox News
 Who do we root for in this fight?  :)



Fox News liar Karl Rove directed some unfriendly fire at the hosts of "Fox and Friends" last weekend 
when the show's anchors decided to ask Rove to respond to protesters who disrupted the bastard's book tour.

"This is sad, you people are recycling stuff that happened three to four weeks ago, this is a small blemish 
on what was a great trip," Rove said when asked about Code Pink who showed up at a March 30 book signing 
in Beverly Hills, Calif., calling Rove a "war criminal" and brandishing handcuffs.

"It was a blemish," he insisted, adding that there were no such incidents at other stops on his book tour."

The Code Pink protesters have proven to be a thorn in Rove's side at several stops on the book tour.

The same Code Pink protester who disrupted the Beverly Hills signing also showed up at a recent 
Rove event in Las Vegas. Code Pink activists are also planning to be a presence at an April 22 
book signing with Rove in Minneapolis.

I think we should give poison knives to both sides
so they can take this out back and settle it like men.

Karl, when you live by the salacious slur, 
how do you not expect to die by one?

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