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Rumsfeld: Simply the Worst
 by some dirty-legged slut


Rumsfeld is starting to make (Vietnam architect) Robert McNamara look good.

At least McNamara felt sorry at the end for all those lives and limbs lost because
of his colossal misjudgments and cretinous refusal to admit mistakes.

“We do not have the God-given right to shape every nation in our image or
as we choose,” a penitent McNamara said.

By contrast, when Diane Sawyer asked Rumsfeld if he ever revisited decisions
that cost lives, he blandly replied, “Well, you know, in a war, many things cost lives.”

Rummy had a front-row seat to the ego-driven bungling on Vietnam. But unlike
McNamara, who said that the U.S. repeated Vietnam’s moral, political, economic
and cultural mistakes in Iraq, Rumsfeld is still blinded by ego.

Rumsfeld stopped by CPAC Thursday, where he got the group’s annual
“Defender of the Constitution” award. Only another person with such an ironic spin
on the phrase “Defender of the Constitution” could present the award, of course,
so Dick Cheney popped by to give it to his old pal.

Cheney’s entrance music was Tina Turner’s “Simply the Best.”
When supporters of Ron and Rand Paul heckled the crusty pair - yelling “draft dodger”
at Cheney, “Where’s bin Laden?” at Rumsfeld, and “war criminal” at both - Cheney
blithely ordered them to “Sit down and shut up.”

Rummy was still full of vinegar as he taunted Obama for the conservatives.

"Looking at the administration’s many reversals of their announced policies on national
security issues - Gitmo, military commissions, indefinite detention, CIA drone strikes,
it makes me wonder if Dick has had more influence on Obama than the (Democrats.) 

Ain't it a sad state of affairs when bloody-hands Rumsfeld can stand there
and tell the truth about our Democratic president and make us feel shame?

Don't we at least deserve an explanation from Obama?

But, as long as he's 20 points ahead of any GOP challeneger,
Obama is free to tell us to GFY.


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