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Russians: Reagan the Criminal
 Key October Surprise Evidence Hidden


A Russian government report, which corroborated allegations that Reagan’s campaign interfered with Carter’s Iran-hostage 
negotiations in 1980, was apparently kept from Lee Hamilton, the Democratic back-stabbing Kissyface of the late eighties.

Lee Hamilton, then a congressman from Indiana in charge of the task force, told me in a recent interview, “I don’t recall seeing it,”
although he was the one who had requested Moscow’s cooperation in the first place and the extraordinary Russian report was addressed to him.

The Russian report, which was dropped off at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow on Jan. 11, 1993, contradicted the task force’s findings
– which were released two days later – of “no credible evidence” showing that Republicans contacted Iranian intermediaries behind 
Carter’s back regarding 52 American hostages held by Iran’s Islamic revolutionary government, the so-called October Surprise case.

I was surprised by Hamilton’s unfamiliarity with the Russian report, so I e-mailed him a PDF copy. I then contacted the task force’s former 
chief counsel, attorney Lawrence Barcella, who acknowledged in an e-mail that he doesn’t “recall whether I showed [Hamilton] the Russian report or not.”

In other words, the Russian report – possibly representing Moscow’s first post-Cold War collaboration with the United States on 
an intelligence mystery – was not only kept from the American public but apparently from the chairman of the task force responsible for the investigation.

This is example # 478 of how the Democrats refuse the list the facts.
Reagan obtained power illegally and the Democrats refuse to talk about it.

The American hostages were a big problem for the Iranians - they wanted to let them go.
But the Bush bastards said, "No, keep the hostages till we get in the White House and we'll fix you up 
with a shitload of deadly weapons from the future" and the radical, murdering terrorists liked that.

That was OK with our limp Democrats - but when a rumor surfaced that Clinton might have a girlfriend,
the GOP moved mountains to find a way to make THAT a really BIG story and the Democrats allowed that.

Our crooked Supreme Court ruled that it was OK for GOP-financed trailer tramps with NO PROOF 
to sue a sitting president while in office because there was no other way to impeach Clinton.

It's the same way every time. Bush lied to get 5,000 soliders killed?
That's no big deal - did you hear Clinton was caught talking to a blonde in New York?

The super-rich own the media and they can steal more with super-rich Rethug in charge.
So they fabricate crap against the Democrats and overlook the REAL crimes of the GOP

Reminder: Bush & Cheney were both from Texas. It was illegal for them to run together on a ticket,
but the "Thank you, Sir. May I have another?" Democrats welcomed that ass-kicking.

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