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SC: OK to sue the Pope
Everyone is going to sue. It is going to be awesome. 


Imagine if a BMW dealer in Oregon were discovered to be a serial child rapist. This would not necessarily
reflect badly on his employer - not on the multinational parent company, run by a Bavarian, or on its U.S. subsidiary,
or on his local dealership. But now imagine that, over the span of a many years, dozens of BMW dealers were
discovered to be serial child rapists, and officers at corporate headquarters just kept reassigning them to
different dealerships. Why, you might say that the said multinational parent company would be legally liable
for this behavior! The Catholic Church, of course, has argued that it is no mere sordid auto manufacturer and
thus this logic doesn’t apply to them, but the Supreme Court has decided that, you know, maybe it does, after all!

Yesterday, the Supreme Court, which is two-thirds Catholic, declined to block the lawsuit over the church’s
responsibility for Ronan’s abuse. Everyone is going to sue the pope now. It is going to be awesome.

This right-wing court is suddenly doing things I like - what's up with that?

And after the Catholics are sued out of business, let's go after the other religio-charlatans.

Note: After 14 years, I now have spell check.

Spell check thinks I misspelled Pope and Everyone.

How can spell check be that stupid?


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